There are a lot of great things about #voicecting and #voiceovers as an industry. One of the biggest surprises and most exciting parts is the people I have had the privilege of working with in my journey. I would really like to brag about them for the next few blog postings.

My current coach is Marc Cashman of Cashman Commercials. I know, I the "misspelling" of the word in the title is clear. He has been in the radio, video and commercial industry for over 40 years now and has worked on both sides of the mic; both as producer/director and as a voice talent himself. He knows what he is talking about! To give perspective, I was ten years old with a bowl cut hairdo when Marc started. Stranger Things has gone "retro" by setting its TV series around the time Marc was in the early years of his career. And cell phones...well, I think he may begin to feel bad if I keep making the point. Enough said.

Here is a blurb from his website for a bit of explanation:

"Marc was voted one of “The Best Voices of the Year” by AudioFile Magazine—three times—and won an Audie in 2018 for “Best Audiobook of the Year.” Marc has been heard voicing Radio and TV commercials, documentaries, animated series and films, video games, e-Learning modules and over 150 audio books." Click for more...

I was referred to him by another Voice Actor named Nicole Britton. She is an incredible talent herself with over 20 years in the business. We met during a Voiceover webinar with Edge Studios, which she led, when she made the recommendation. Thank you, Nicole, for taking the time with a brand new talent!

Working with Marc can only be described as and intense, precise, articulate, conversational and energetic experience. If you can wrap your head around that, you must be a voice talent yourself. Speaking for myself, I can't imagine being stretched much more without breaking during one of his sessions. He does a great job of assessing where I am in my expertise and coaxing out a few more steps forward from me. He is always completely respectful and enthusiastic; however, my time in Basic Training is top of mind as I recall the experience.

He wrote a book, V-OH, that reads like a conversational guide to Voice Acting; from interpretation to breathing and everything else that happens (or should happen) when in front of a mic set to perform. The reality is, each session is taken from a page in the book. It's just that good. It is the epitome of a guide.

I say all that to say this; Marc is a great guy and I am privileged to be working with him. If you are in the market for guidance in the VO business, you will not regret pursuing the knowledge of either Marc's book or instruction (or both!). He provides a free tip with his Daily V-O Tip, one for each day of the year on Instagram.

Thank you, Marc. I look forward to our next session and your continued success.

2020 has been a challenging year. I feel pretty confident saying that will go uncontested. Is it more difficult than other years is the real question. This year, the struggles are obvious; COVID, civil unrest, "interesting" political banter, etc... These are very easy to point to as obstacles to success. But...what happened in 2019?

When 2020 began, had you met your goals for 2019? Did you build that project, invest in a business, learn how to market effectively (talking to myself)? Or, was there an obstacle that prevented you from accomplishing your goals and dreams then too?

When business is booming, we don't often think about creating that perfect infrastructure that will help to sustain and carry us forward into the next year. The excitement of DOING the job is way more fun than building the sewage system for our business; so to speak.

Another year will pass. We will look back and evaluate. Will we be satisfied with what we see? I friend of mine, Jim Walters, told me a long time ago to "look forward to hindsight." I wish I could say (see there! I just did it) that I implemented the advice fully. Its a process and a struggle to continue to self-evaluate/critique and adjust. It is part of any strategic plan according to the textbooks but, we often miss that part.

Here's a thought. Look forward to what you want to have checked off the list for this year. Set goals working backwards attached to a specific timeline and then start. One step at a time. Even accomplishing half of those goals could very well be 100% more than the previous year. Just remember, continued effort toward an unworthy or no goal, will not make it right. What will 2020 look like when it is hindsight? Another wise man told me "more happens if you start now!"

Let's do this!

You know, its funny how fickle we can be sometimes; at least with our feelings. Just completed another audiobook. Each time, I tell myself "ITS NOT WORTH IT!" It takes a big chunk of time to complete. And the pay, well, its not the highest.

Then I did a random web search for myself. Because I need reinforcement for some reason, and the book popped up as for sale in the search. The funny thing is, another one I completely forgot about popped up as well.

There is something about having something out there with your name on it that will be on sale in the marketplace forever (good or bad). My wife writes (books) and likely has the same feelings. I guess there may be something to the fact that those things which take the most time on the front side last the longest.

But, it will be a bit before I accept another audiobook...really!