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Voice acting is speaking words. Hopefully, they are spoken with the same "emotional content" (Bruce Lee - Enter the Dragon) with which they were written. That is the difference between reading and voice acting at the core. With that understanding, all words are not equal. Not all stories are equal. In my humble but accurate opinion, the story that I narrated about Jesus (see link below) is written with words that are truly worthy to be spoken. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with the author, Blake Western, and the publisher, Emerald House Group, to bring this to life.

Please take a listen. I would love some feedback.

Disclosure: If you buy, I will make a small amount. It costs a Starbucks coffee and I may be able to get a coffee in the cafeteria.

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You know, its funny how fickle we can be sometimes; at least with our feelings. Just completed another audiobook. Each time, I tell myself "ITS NOT WORTH IT!" It takes a big chunk of time to complete.