Chimps are tough!

Hello everyone!

I heard a guy say a few weeks ago that if you take away an audience, stage, lights, facial expressions and body language from a performance all you are left with is an actor and a mic. In the context of acting, is voice over really just talking? Does this maybe just answer a few questions about why there are so many people out there that say you can't make money doing Voice Overs?

If I was logically inclined, I would extrapolate from the information above that to compel an audience with only a mic, in a little room, often by yourself, is quite possibly even more difficult to do than on stage.

This video that I provided a voice for in conjunction with Capture Video and Marketing (Thank you, Rob) was to convey a tough but friendly message about grilling. (What else would even make sense?) The funnest part of doing this work is not the alone time in the booth, it is the finished product. Not just a voice, cool video, great music and script. The real magic is seeing the finished product with all the pieces in place at the hands of someone who has the expertise to make it work.

In conclusion and to make this seem like there was a point, everything that is worthwhile is always more work than when we are just excited and have no in-depth knowledge of an industry. The fun part is that there are people on each end of the process that are very helpful and willing to provide direction if you're willing to listen. Thank you to all of those that have provided direction. We can't do it alone.