Updated: Sep 28, 2020

You know, its funny how fickle we can be sometimes; at least with our feelings. Just completed another audiobook. Each time, I tell myself "ITS NOT WORTH IT!" It takes a big chunk of time to complete. And the pay, well, its not the highest.

Then I did a random web search for myself. Because I need reinforcement for some reason, and the book popped up as for sale in the search. The funny thing is, another one I completely forgot about popped up as well.

There is something about having something out there with your name on it that will be on sale in the marketplace forever (good or bad). My wife writes (books) and likely has the same feelings. I guess there may be something to the fact that those things which take the most time on the front side last the longest.

But, it will be a bit before I accept another audiobook...really!