I was contacted by Craig to add a voice to his project. He was in the process of launching his new non-profit, RHOTE.org, that is focused on fitness education and promotion. Turns out, I am a proponent as well. "Keep everything working" is my motto. As I think about some form of retirement in the future, I cannot imagine spending all of my fitness while young and working to not have anything in the bank for when I actually have more discretionary time. SOOOOO, I invest now so I can draw from the physical reserves later through steady and tough fitness training. Our values align. It is always awesome when a project for pay works in conjunction with your personal values. Thanks, Craig!

Anyway, the video...

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You know, its funny how fickle we can be sometimes; at least with our feelings. Just completed another audiobook. Each time, I tell myself "ITS NOT WORTH IT!" It takes a big chunk of time to complete.