What happens when 2020 IS hindsight?

2020 has been a challenging year. I feel pretty confident saying that will go uncontested. Is it more difficult than other years is the real question. This year, the struggles are obvious; COVID, civil unrest, "interesting" political banter, etc... These are very easy to point to as obstacles to success. But...what happened in 2019?

When 2020 began, had you met your goals for 2019? Did you build that project, invest in a business, learn how to market effectively (talking to myself)? Or, was there an obstacle that prevented you from accomplishing your goals and dreams then too?

When business is booming, we don't often think about creating that perfect infrastructure that will help to sustain and carry us forward into the next year. The excitement of DOING the job is way more fun than building the sewage system for our business; so to speak.

Another year will pass. We will look back and evaluate. Will we be satisfied with what we see? I friend of mine, Jim Walters, told me a long time ago to "look forward to hindsight." I wish I could say (see there! I just did it) that I implemented the advice fully. Its a process and a struggle to continue to self-evaluate/critique and adjust. It is part of any strategic plan according to the textbooks but, we often miss that part.

Here's a thought. Look forward to what you want to have checked off the list for this year. Set goals working backwards attached to a specific timeline and then start. One step at a time. Even accomplishing half of those goals could very well be 100% more than the previous year. Just remember, continued effort toward an unworthy or no goal, will not make it right. What will 2020 look like when it is hindsight? Another wise man told me "more happens if you start now!"

Let's do this!

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